Plymouth University of the Third Age

Members Coffee Mornings

Group Leader: Susan
Venue: Wilton Street 
Day: 1st Friday
Time: 10:30

Whilst this Drop-in Coffee Morning is primarily to welcome new members in a very informal way it is open to anybody who would like to come. It is really good if new members can meet existing members, who almost always know more about the various groups than I do. Please come you are most welcome.

Citybus 32 from A5 Royal Parade runs every 15 minutes and stops almost outside the door (Victoria Avenue).

Shared Learning

Group Leader: Clive
Venue: Cafe Kiss at 7 North Street
Day: Last Friday
Time: Various

We are currently planning a new joint project at our next meeting. Newcomers are welcome. Why not come along for
a taster and sit in on one of our meetings. A warm welcome guaranteed with coffee/tea, wine and light
meals available.


Group Leader: June & Margaret
Venue:Theatre Royal - Royal Parade
Day: 1st Saturday
Time: 11:00

We are currently a group of approximately 20 and each month we all have our say about various outings/lunches we think would be of interest to other group members for weekends of that particular month. Unless booking is required, we agree venues/times etc., there and then and any who are interested simply turn up on the day.


Group Leaders: Phil & Margaret

HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COMPUTER? Sending e-mails, adding an attachment, problems with connecting your printer, problems with PC or MAC?
Free help service for U3A members.
Emails - How to reply to and forward emails (removing previous recipients) How to send photos and attachments Explain email "netiquette" How to recognise/deal with spam Computer
How to download photos from your camera Internet
How to search for specifics/use of search engines
Skype - How to use Skype (and install if required)

Meet & Mix

Group Leader: Susan
Venue: Theatre Royal Cafe

This is not a regular group where members are expected to attend every session: - it is a “help yourself” activity where a U3A member can pick any date they want without having to commit themselves to future meetings.

Join us if you feel like it on the day—no need to book in advance. We meet in the THEATRE ROYAL in the Bar Lounge on the Ground Floor.

Simply turn up with your U3A membership card; buy yourself a cup of tea or coffee at the café counter; say “Hello” to the host and meet other U3A members..

August Wednesday 10th at 11am & Friday 26th at 2.30pm
September Monday 5th at 2.30pm & Thursday 22nd at 11am
October Wednesday 5th at 11am & Friday 21st at 2.30pm
November Tuesday 8th at 11am & Monday 21st at 2.30pm
December Thursday 1st at 11am & Wednesday 14th at 11am