Plymouth University of the Third Age

Walking - Long Walks

Group Leaders: Lynda & Robin
Venue: Meet on site at start of walk
Days: 2nd & 4th Thursdays
Time: 10:15 for 10:30 start

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Welcome to the Home page for the Long Walks Group. I hope our walkers find the page useful and worthwhile. There is a Newsbox below. For any new visitors I hope we can welcome you to a walk with us sometime, too.

This is not a group with a fixed upper limit on membership. We have over 50 people who have walked with us this year but numbers on any one walk average about 20. So come and go as you like!

It is rare that walks do not have hills or mud or otherwise difficult going for at least a small part of the route. Distances vary generally between 7 and 10 miles with very occasional exceptions. We expect walkers to be appropriately dressed for the terrain and weather and this should include boots. We carry our own lunch and drinks. We do not mind one controlled, well behaved, dog on a walk, but the position is currently filled.

The programme shows the range of places we walk and I think that they cover many delightful places. Perhaps you could even lead a walk for us in some place we have never been!

We also have an annual holiday. Recent holidays have been in Dorset, Pembrokeshire, Sussex, North Devon, mid Wales, and this year on the Isle of Wight. We are planning on Weymouth for 2018.


Abbots' Way

We have just finished this walk with 15 starters and the same 15 finishers over the 2 days of 18 and 19 May. There were a few showers but after the rain earlier in the week the river crossings were better than expected - though the hills were just as predicted!

Thanks to John Noblet for his work on this and leading the walks, and to Lynda who helped.

Isle of Wight Holiday 2017

Thanks to John Reffell for organising our holiday on the Isle of Wight. We had good walks in good company and despite all the forecast, good weather too. There are 2 photos below of the group at the Tennyson memorial and of Luccombe Down (courtesy of Brian and Sarah).

The group at the Tennyson MonumentLuccombe Down


John Reffell has agreed to organise our holiday again in 2018. We will be going to Weymouth for walks in Dorset.

The flyer has hit the internet. look for it in your e-mails.





13 July
Chris & Dave

Shipley Bridge
SX 681 629

8.5 miles

To Red Lake, via the old railway track, and returning via Huntingdon Cross and the path from the Avon Dam.

27 July

Ringmore National Trust car park
SX 649 456

7 miles

To Kingston and Wonwell, then coast path to Westcombe and Ayrmer Cove. Time at Westcombe beach for swimming and rock exploring.

10 August

Norsworthy Bridge
SX 568 694

Note: This walk replaces the previously advertised one!

8 miles A figure of 8 walk visiting the sites of the 12 farms abandoned when the reservoir was created.

24 August

SX 596 924

12 miles

High moorland walk via Oke Tor, Cranmere Pool and East Mil Tor. Route subject to changes if weather inclement. Extra layer and plenty of food and drink required. Rough & boggy around Cranmere Pool.