Plymouth University of the Third Age

Who's Who on the Plymouth U3A Committee 2017/8

You can email the committee by using the contact form and choosing the position required from the drop-down menu.

Honorary President *

Professor George Giarchi

Honorary President: George


John Dobson

Speaker Co-ordinator: John

Vice Chairman

Marilyn Lean

Vice-Chairman: Marilyn


Andrea Abbott

Business Secretary: Andrea


John Hart

Treasurer: John

Membership Secretary

Susan Parker

Membership Secretary: Susan

Group Co-ordinator

Richard Keoghoe

Group Co-ordinator: Richard

Newsletter Editor

Marilyn Lean

Newsletter Editor: Marilyn

Speaker Co-ordinator 

John Dobson

Speaker Co-ordinator: John

Welcome & Promotion

Sandra Richings

Welcome & Promotion: Sandra

Equipment Officer 

Chris Shorrocks

Equipment Officer: Chris

Minutes Secretary 

Trish Hodge

Minutes Secretary: Trish

University Liaison 

Janet Vosper

University Liaison: Janet




John Reffell

Webmaster: John

* Indicates non-committee position. All members of the committee are trustees of Plymouth U3A.