Plymouth University of the Third Age

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Plymouth University of the Third Age (U3A)

Plymouth U3A is a learning co-operative of mature people which enables members to share educational, creative and leisure activities. It is not a 'university' in the accepted sense, but is a meeting place for those who are no longer in full time employment and bringing together people who want to share their varying interests by way of subject groups.

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Our Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the Mariner Ballroom of the Holiday Inn.

Situated at the Hoe end of Armada Way in Plymouth city centre, it is convenient for the many buses in Royal Parade. Underground parking is available on site at a special whole day rate on the day of the U3A meeting.

Meetings start from 10.45 with tea and coffee served from 10.00.

After the meeting, you may like to enjoy lunch in the hotel restaurant at a reduced rate.


Subscriptions for 2017/2018 are now due. The membership fee is £14 per person or £25 for a couple living at the same address. 

You can renew your membership at a Monthly Meeting or by post.

To see how to join or renew your subscription please go to the annual subscription page.

Upcoming Meetings

Annual General Meeting
followed by Plymouth Scams Tina Powell from Plymouth Trading Standards.

Elizabethan Name-calling in Devon
Todd Gray
A good reputation was essential in the Elizabethan period. This talk examines slander cases which reveal the names which were uttered in Devon to ridicule, demean and insult. Men were mocked differently than women but the words used were outrageous and are still shocking. Some words appear to have only been used in Devon.

Open Day

An Incredible Journey
Richard Keoghoe

A Homeland Denied
Irena Clarke

Putin's Russia
John Dobson

Plymouth U3A News

South Korea students visit Plymouth U3A
Plymouth U3A had a visit from two South Korean students A-Young and Jujin at the January 2017 meeting, who travelled nine hours from Duksung University in Seoul, to learn how our U3A worked and to take back lessons for older people in Korea.

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Useful Meetings

RUG – Really Useful Group
The Really Useful Group is a network of volunteers who are willing to be called on from time to time to help with some of jobs that need doing to make us a successful welcoming U3A. The idea is that if enough people are willing to do a little bit to help the job will never be too big for anybody. Below are a few things that spring to mind, we know you will think of many more and maybe some that are more fun :-
Stuffing newsletters into envelopes - a job that needs doing 3 times a year.
Delivering newsletters
Befriending new members at monthly meetings particularly those who are alone.
Filing and shredding – not much fun but has to be done
Venue Wilton Street, Millbridge (bus 70 from A3 at 15 minutes to and 15 minutes past the hour. If you intend to come or want more information please ring Susan on 01752 291309. Dates : Thursday 27th April & Wednesday 31st May

Meet & Mix
This is not a regular group but an opportunity for any member to meet other members for an informal chat. We meet in the lounge bar of the Theatre Royal at various dates and times as shown on the website, online calendar and in the newsletter. Join us if you feel like it on the day—no need to book in advance.
April Mon 24th at 2.30pm
May Thurs 4th at 11am Fri 19th at 11am
June Thurs 1st at 2.30pm Wed 21st at 11am
July Mon 3rd at 2.30pm Tues 11th at 11am

University of Plymouth/U3A Partnership

Plymouth U3A enjoys a unique partnership with Plymouth University This partnership gives our members access to lectures and seminar series, ‘behind the scenes’ campus tours, facilities and many other special events including talks from academic experts and contemporary art exhibitions, performances, music and films. Other benefits include support for U3A members with use of new technology and social media, free eyecare with optometry students and library access.

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The University of the Third Age

Plymouth U3A is part of the University of the Third Age movement that provides-life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery! Members share their skills and life experiences: the learners teach and the teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them. The U3A movement is supported by its national organisation, the Third Age Trust. There are currently nearly 385,000 members in 1004 U3As across the UK.

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